Need help WITH YOUR EDTEcH goals?

Julie Daniel Davis brings years of teaching experience and the ability to encourage your school staff to excitedly grow their skills in integrating educational technology.

Julie Daniel Davis served in the K-12 instructional technology world for 16 years. Her goal is to impact current generation pedagogy through the lens of the unpredictable world ahead. She enjoys teaching students and teachers to utilize the benefits of technology to enhance the educational experience. Somewhat of a futurist, Julie wants to be a part of facing the next paradigm of educational problem-solving to make the process of learning more personalized and streamlined.

"Unique in her approach, Julie brings depth, research, and heart to schools."

Dr. Katrina Keene, Global Directory, Education Solutions at Eduscape

"Insatiable learner of technology that is always seeking better ways to share what she has learned."

Greg Bagby, Coordinator of Instructional Technology, Hamilton County Department of Education

"Julie Davis understands that technology makes the biggest difference in the classroom when it's used to support teachers and curriculum in a way that creates the most opportunities for each and every student."

Julie King

Director of Educational Technology, The Buckley School, New York, NY

"Our teachers loved this training event! It provided them with so many ideas for ways our new Ipads could be used in the classroom, and gave them the confidence to try something new! Julie is an engaging speaker who kept all the teachers involved and enthusiastic.

Emma Veys

Headmaster, Hickory Valley Christian School

"As a lifelong learner, Julie continuously innovates while grounding herself in best practices making her a leader in intentional technology integration."

Shaelynn Farnsworth

Education Consultant

"Julie is a rare combination of technical expertise, pedagogical skill and exceptional human relations skills. Without doubt her expertise will dramatically benefit any entity that she partners with and leads…. Ms. Davis possesses a skilled technical mind in concert with exceptional teaching and consulting skills. While many can share the “how,” Julie expertly shares the “whys” as we work to improve educational experiences… Often consultants have a “bag of technological tricks” that are sold to partners and they scurry away to the next client. Julie provides a relationship with every expectation of continuity and continued growth. I would invite anyone to grow with her..."

Dr. Dan Lawson, Education Professor, Lee University